Ryan Richard Heller

Ryan Richard HellerAs a downtown resident and local activist, Ryan Heller has become deeply entrenched in the Merced community. A native Californian and the son of small business owners, Ryan came to the Valley to study Cognitive Science at UC Merced.

In addition to his experience as a planning and land use fellow for the Los Angeles City Council, Ryan is no stranger to Democratic activism and political strategy. A dedicated campaign worker for several years, he has accumulated a vast wealth of experience in grassroots organizing. In 2010, he spearheaded the groundbreaking “I Will Vote” program at UC Merced, which registered hundreds of students, and turned out hundreds more on Election Day. Ryan is the managing director of the Merced Downtown Neighborhood Association, an officer of the Italo-American Lodge, a Rotarian, and serves on the Merced Symphony Board. He also served as the Vice President of the Democrats at UC Merced, and is now their Alumni Advisor. As Executive Board Representative, he is responsible for representing MCDCC at E-Board Meetings of the Democratic State Central Committee